Patrick Stewart’s perfect response to being “outed” by a newspaper.

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Patrick Stewart’s perfect response to being “outed” by a newspaper. posted 11 minutes ago

Sir Ian and Patrick. Two hopeless bromantics. (via Twitter) BREAKING: Patrick Stewart is not gay. He made that perfectly clear in the coolest way possible after Jane Czyzselska of The Guardian identified him as gay in a story about Ellen Page. The title of the article is “Three cheers for Ellen Page – but coming out should not be such big news.” Maybe so, but it should at least be correct news. “Some gay people, such as Patrick Stewart, think Page’s coming out speech is newsworthy,” Czyzselska wrote. Considering that all he did was send a simple Tweet of support to Page, that sentence would’ve already been a bit of a stretch. Then there’s the fact that Stewart married his third wife last year. Sadly, being called gay in Hollywood is still pretty big, potentially career-threatening news. That’s why a lot of actors or their “people” might’ve flipped out, threatened lawsuits and arranged for a quick photo op at the Playboy Mansion with their face between two sets of boobs. But Stewart responded with a couple of tweets that reminded everyone that in addition to being a fine actor and a gentlemen, he’s also one of the coolest cats in the game. The Guardian quickly corrected the story. And hopefully, in the near future, articles about actors announcing they’re gay, or at least the Twitter responses to that announcement, won’t be necessary. (by Jonathan Corbett)

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