Styling The Hair Down There

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We talk endlessly about the hair on our heads, but what about down below? It’s true, that little (or big) patch of body hair below the belt is the one many of us tend to on a regular basis, but it’s rarely discussed. All the same, there’s a lot of careful consideration that goes into our bushes (or lack there of) and our styles are rarely shared with anyone but our significant other and our bathroom mirror—and okay, maybe the person at the salon who waxes us.

Love it, leave it, or shave it all off: pubic hair is a major part of our beauty ritual. You might say that a waxing salon is to a woman what a barber shop is to a man. That is, with a little more privacy.

It seems where our body hair is concerned, most of us fall into one of four categories. What style are you keeping under cover?

Full Bush

There’s a lot of freedom to letting yourself grow. Think of the time you’ll save in your morning shower. Cutting off the razor use above the thigh may seem unheard of to many, but there are more ladies out there that say no to bikini line shaving than you may think. Once considered outdated, the natural look has been making a comeback—American Apparel even fashioned their NYC mannequins with the style last year to show off their sheer panty range.


Fans of free growth may be sporadic, but those who embrace a little fuzz tend to fall into the trimmed category. Maintenance is on the low side–like keeping your bangs in check. A touch-up trim every couple weeks is all you need to prevent overgrowth. Neat.


Why adhere to your natural form when you could be sporting a triangular, heart-shaped patch, or a tidy stripe? Sure, a daily shave is needed to keep a crisp line, but if you’re already putting effort into styling the rest of your body, why not keep it stylin’ at panty level, too?


Whether you’re a surfing enthusiast or a burlesque performer, if you find you spend more time in a pair of panties than long pants, you’re probably not a fan of pubic hair. Not to say that there aren’t many fully clothed fans of the full shave or wax. Considered to be hygienic by many, the look is certainly the simplest of the options, even if it requires the most maintenance. However, some people are bothered by the youthful appearance—shaved hair can make a woman not look her age. But, at the same time, it is the look we were born with, after all. We say, don’t knock it till you try it. If you hate being bald, don’t worry, it will grow back quickly. If you play your cards right, no one will have to see you in that awkward growout phase.

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