Put gum in your head to get songs out of it

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Bubble gum
Remember how after you saw The Lego Movie, you couldn’t get “Everything is Awesome” out of your head, even to this day? You know how right now, even the mere mention of it just induced a fugue state wherein everything is awesome even though you’re being driven mad? The cure for having a song permanently live inside your brain might be as simple as stuffing your face full of chewing gum.

A study suggests that chewing some gum might be the best alternative to a lobotomy, not because the mouth-watering flavor will distract you from the harbinger of your insanity, but because the act uses the same part of your brain that won’t stop playing that catchy tune. According to the study, chewing gum not only helps lessen the frequency of a single song being your downfall, but helps prevent the song from making its way into your brain in the first place. The study claims that the very act chewing of the gum — a task that uses some of your brainpower to perform — isn’t where the magic lies, but is able to clean your brain because it’s a task that uses your brainpower to make noise. Yes, that also means tapping on something in a rhythmic fashion might work as well, but the study found that chewing gum is much more effective.

Remember all those times in sci-fi shows where the protagonists had to stop thinking about something entirely so the brain-eating (or melting, or whatever) alien (or monster, or whatever) couldn’t locate them? Remember how you knew that there was no way in hell you’d be able to do that, and vowed that if you ever found yourself in that dire situation, you’d at least think something really nasty about the alien’s mom so you could get in one quick insult before it ate you? As Forbes points out, researchers have found it’s much more effective to try to hijack a thought process rather than remove it. It’s like when you were little and complained to your dad that your stomach hurt, and he offered to step on your foot because, hey, then you’d be thinking about your foot instead of your stomach. Our dads were only funny the first time they made that joke, and chewing gum is a much better solution. You don’t even have to worry much about swallowing it afterward.

Source: Science – Geek.com

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