MIT’s second skin is two creams that make you look young again for a day

Nobody enjoys the aging process. Parts of your body start to ache for no apparent reason, injuries take longer to heal, your hair falls out, and it’s impossible to hide the fact you’re getting older because of wrinkles. However, MIT believes it has solved the wrinkle problem, at least temporarily, with the development of a second skin.

It is very difficult to hide wrinkles. You can have them fixed with cosmetic surgery or Botox treatments, but risk looking like an expressionless doll. There’s also make-up, but that can only do so much and becomes less effective the older you get. This second skin takes a different approach.


It’s a polymer film roughly 70 thousands of a millimeter thick that’s applied as two creams one after the other. It then sets as a second skin, supporting the underlying tissue and visibly looks like younger skin due to particles in the second cream that diffuse the light. When applied to especially wrinkly areas, for example, below the eye, it can make an enormous amount of difference. And such is the strength of the polymer, pinching that area sees it return to the youthful look. You can even go swimming without it falling off.

Such a product is sure to be extremely popular with celebrities who will try anything to keep their youthful looks for as long as possible. Now they’ll be able to cheat, and will likely/happily pay a large premium to do so. The fact this second skin only lasts a day means it has huge sales potential as an over-the-counter product. I’m sure the major cosmetics companies are already clamoring to be the first to do a deal with MIT and the two spin-off companies that helped develop it: Living Proof and Olivo Labs.

It’s not just cosmetics where this second skin treatment could benefit people. The polymer can be used to protect our skin from UV rays, prevent moisture loss, cover birth marks, help treat skin conditions such as eczema, and be infused with drugs that slowly release over the course of a day. It may even find a use as a wound dressing, only nobody would know you’re covering it up as it would look like natural skin.


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