Playgrounds for Adults? WHAT!!

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Following in the footsteps of Europe and Asia, cities across North America are beginning to build adult sized playgrounds, in hopes to battle the ongoing issue of obesity. For most of us, the joy of the playground is long forgotten by the time we reach our teen years, but park authorities are now looking into the benefits of these adult playgrounds in hopes to make living a healthy lifestyle more enjoyable and accessible to all people.

With New York building an adult playground in 2012, these brilliantly planned sites are popping up all over North America. Structures mimicking the playgrounds of our youth are designed to be as useful to our fitness as the average equipment at the local gym.

With free access to these parks, people of all economic levels can benefit from the equipment. People are now able to work out in a beautiful environment and bring the kids along to enjoy the playground as well. With monkey bars, sit up benches, and pull up bars, the structures at the playground are as good, if not better than any gym on the market.

The low costs of these outdoor gyms make is accessible to most neighborhoods, and the layout requires very little space. With the average cost of one of these playgrounds coming in at around $30,000 USD in comparison to the minimum $500,000 on average it takes to build a fully equipped gym, the adult playground seems to be a winner for not only the local authorities but for the people looking to make a step toward a healthier lifestyle.

Image Courtesy of Marilynn K. Yee/The New York Times